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Uncover the Winery Wonders of Lompoc!

Lompoc is a city tucked away in Santa Barbara County in California, and has beautiful scenery and pleasant weather to offer all year round. It is easily accessible through highway routes as well as bus travel, and is a perfectly picturesque spot for a weekend getaway.
There is a lot to explore in Lompoc, with its unique localities and range of appealing wineries and vineyards. From taking in the natural scenery to enjoying the simple pleasures of wining and dining, Lompoc can turn out to be the perfect vacation destination for you.
When it comes to entertainment, there is always something or the other happening in Lompoc—whether this is a concert or a special wine-related event!

If you are indeed a lover of wine, then making your way to Lompocis just about the best thing you could do! Other than taking a gander at the flower fields and indulging in a range of outdoor activities, a popular activity for tourists passing through the area is to take trips to the best wineries in the area, and take their fill of what they have to offer in terms of tasting experiences.
You too can plan out your trip in accordance with what the wineries of Lompoc have to offer. They offer a host of distinctive Californian varietals, including the likes of Syrah, Pinot Noir, Viognier, Chardonnay, and more.
It’s not a bad idea to take stock of the options available to you and design a getaway that’s all about that Lompoc wine! At Artisan Excursion, we can help you with that.


Explore Lompoc Wineries with Artisan Excursion!

Get an in-depth experience of Lompoc and its delectable wine through a wine tasting tour with Artisan Excursion Wine Tours! We can take you around to sight see as well as get a taste of some of the best wine that the region has to offer.

With our experiences and our expertise, you can be rest assured that your wine tour will be in good hands. We can treat you to all the best kept secrets of Lompoc, help you indulge in some of the finest wines, and give you immensely valuable local insight about the area and its vineyards and wineries.

With Artisan Excursion Wine Tours, you’re in for a luxuriously comfortable and delectably delightful adventure amongst the beauty of Lompoc! Give us a call or text at  805.734.7565 and we can reserve a tour for you.

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