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Explore the Scenic Beauty of Los Olivos!

Los Olivos, CA—a picturesque town tucked away in the northern part of Santa Barbara is a quaint Victorian town with a relatively small population of just around a 1000 people.
It is a fairly popular spot for keen tourists, and it’s no surprise that it is so. With its attractive, upscale antique stores and art galleries, as well as the numerous dining options and illustrious wineries, it’s certainly an ideal spot for a relaxing visit!

Los Olivos possesses quite the charming atmosphere, and is a particularly relaxing haven for wine lovers. The slow-paced, laid-back feel of the small town is great for taking a load off and stopping to smell the roses. Or, in this case, stopping to taste the wines!
It is home to technically the highest number of wineries per square mile, and that too in the entire country. 
The Los Olivos Promenade is littered with one winery tasting room after another, making it quite the convenient affair!

los olivos wine tours

Exquisite Wine Tasting Tours with Artisan Excursion!

At Artisan Excursion Wine Tours, we strive to make sure that our clients get the best of the wine tasting tour experience in Los Olivos. We work to provide you with an experience that is well worth your money, and lives up to the hype!

Los Olivos has a lot to offer in terms of wineries and vineyards, and we ensure that you get your fill of all the most popular attractions. Los Olivos has a host of Burgundy wines, as well as the Rhone varietals, and much more—and you won’t be missing out on a thing on you wine tasting tour with us!

On a group tour with Artisan Excursion Wine Tours, you get the luxury of comfortable transportation services, a well-thought out tour plan, great conversation, and the enjoyable insight of locals on the wines, wineries, and history of Los Olivos.

Work with us to create a wine tour for you that will help you get your fill of all things wine in Los Olivos! Call us or text at  805.734.7565 and we can reserve a tour for you.

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