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4 Perfect Wines to Celebrate Your University Graduation

Four years, gazillion classes, several assignments, tons of examination, sleepless nights and a thesis later, you’re rewarded with a degree. While graduation ceremonies and parties were well celebrated in the past, now we’re just left with virtual events. However, this shouldn’t stop you from celebrating.

You can have a small get together with your family to commemorate and celebrate your graduation. And we as know, every celebration is incomplete without fine wine. Here are some top wines to drink at your graduation dinner:

1. Pinot Noir

If you’re looking for a light to medium-bodied red wine, then a pinot noir is the one for you. The fruitiness of the grapes are best enjoyed during the cooler months, but it also makes for a great spring-time drink. Packed with a strong, cherry aroma, this drink has even got a hint of spices and earthiness. If you’re serving veal for dinner, then they’ll be a match made in heaven!

2. Port

This is a happy moment after all, and what better way to encapsulate the joy and cheer in the air than with sweet port wine. It’s perfect for after dinner drinking when everyone’s sitting around and waiting for you to toast a speech. It has a rich, sweet style that goes well with chocolate-based desserts. A few sips with some chocolate pudding will be a perfect end to your celebration.

3. Sauvignon Blanc

For a more dry, crisp white, a sauvignon blanc will be the star of the evening. It’s got vanilla flavors and some citrus notes that elevate the entire drinking experience. This is a perfect choice if you have seafood on the menu.

4. Prosecco

Even though you may not have a big party, you’ll need a little sparkly drink to liven up the place. Prosecco is a dinner table hit; it’s got a light, airy and fruity taste that goes well with spicy, Asian food or can be enjoyed alone as well.

Wine Tasting in Solvang

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