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The 12 Best Boxed Wines (2022)

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Boxed wine gets a bad rap. Most often packaged in a rubber bladder that’s neatly packed into a user-friendly cardboard box, the wine inside is often underestimated with the assumption that it’s all mass-produced, low-quality juice.

And sometimes, that is the case. Many of the big boxed wine brands on the market are sipped with quantity over quality in mind — rarely savored like fine wine. But this doesn’t mean all delicious vino comes in a bottle. The boxed category has recently experienced a resurgence, with more and more small and high-end brands releasing boxed wines that are delicious, balanced, and convenient — all without breaking the bank.


 Best Boxed Wines

boxed wine offers another enticing advantage: It’s environmentally friendly. Not only does it have a lower production cost; it’s also much more sustainable than its glass sibling. Glass is difficult to source, environmentally costly to create, and difficult to recycle. Plus, its weight makes transporting glass bottles emit significantly more carbon. Compare this to the lightweight, recyclable, and sometimes compostable bag-in-box treasures below, and one thing is clear as a slapped bag: Boxed wine is here to stay.

To help you discover the best of the boxed, VinePair tasted dozens of boxed wines and narrowed them down to 12 of our favorites ranked below. These are the best boxed wines available on the market today.

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