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Best Wines to Indulge In During the Winter

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Best Wines to Indulge In During the Winter.

Choosing the right wine for winter is crucial. Finding the ideal wine for yourself during this season can be difficult but not impossible. Before going on another wine tasting tour in the winter, you’ll need to do some thorough research about the wines you’re getting.

Many white wines have a warming effect, making them ideal for the colder months. If you’re planning a wine tasting excursion during the summer, you might want to choose a red wine instead. Consider the type of wine you’ll be drinking based on the weather before booking a wine tasting tour.

Here are some great wines for your winter wine tour.

Best Wines


Voignier is a white French grape wine made from a nearly extinct grape plant, making it extremely rare and expensive. It has a sensuous taste with musky overtones that you can immediately recognize. It has a strong flavor, and the scent and texture are both easily detectable. It has 13 percent alcohol content and is creamy and velvety. It’s delicious on its own or with creamy foods like cheese.


It is created from white grapes grown in Austria and has a citrus fruit flavor with a peppery undertone. It’s a bit acidic and fantastic to drink with a meal. It’s ideal for the colder months. It’s light but creamy, and it’s potent. During the winter, you’ll want to drink this wine.

Best Wines


When comparing this wine to others, you can easily tell them apart. It has a powerful scent of lychee and Turkish delight. Because ginger and cinnamon are the main spices used to make this wine, it takes its name from Gerwürz, which means spice and herb. This wine has an oily texture and is low in acidity, and is ideal for pairing with dinner on a cold winter nights.


Durif is one of the nicest wines to drink in the winter. It has a pronounced berry and black grape flavor. This drink goes well with foods with a strong flavor, like BBQ. Pour a glass of Durif into ice-cold water and enjoy the warmth and fruity flavor.

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