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Insider Tips for an Exceptional Wine Tour This Summer

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

You likely already have a mental image of what your getaway to the wine country will be like. It’s all well and good to imagine yourself strolling happily along the varietal fields with a glass of fine red in your hand. But to get to that ideal scenario you first need to plan for it.

We’ve got some helpful insider tips you need to get the most out of your tour.

Plan and make reservations ahead

The summer season is THE tourist season at most places around the world, and the wine country is no exception. The last thing you want is reservations closed at a winery whose wine list you’ve been dying to sample.

Make all your bookings way ahead of time, from hotel accommodations to wine tasting tours packages.

Pack the right apparel

A single wine tour comprises walking from tasting room to tasting room, strolling along sunlit trails. You’ll need to dress right for this particular trip to stay comfortable. We recommend packing light; a layered casual to semi-formal outfit, so that you can carry the jacket/wrap around during daytime and layer back up during the evening breeze. Avoid wearing spiky, uncomfortable shoes, since you will be spending a lot of time on your feet.

Know your wines and wine preferences

Sure, a tour to the wine country is all about new experiences, particularly new wines to try. However, it helps to have a list of your favorite wines at hand. If you’re not a fan of white wines, you may want to skip the wine tasting rooms offering a menu dominated by the blend. This way your tour will be much more time-efficient and you’ll have a fulfilling experience.

Also, do your homework. You don’t have to have a complete mastery of wine lingo to enjoy a tasting, but it doesn’t hurt to be able to identify earthy and fruity blends as they are.

Don’t forget to record your experience

Whether you prefer taking photos or simply take notes on paper, record your encounters and opinions about the different wines. Trust us, these notes will come in handy to appear to be a true wine lover the next time you order drinks with your meal.

You can also take a bottle of your favorite wine home as souvenir! Although you are not obligated to buy wine after a tasting, it doesn’t hurt to have some exquisite for a dinner party back home.

Rely on a local tour guide for better insights

A local wine tour company will offer you a wine tour experience unlike any other. Having close business relationships with winemakers and vintners in their locality, an experienced tour service will take you beyond conventional tastings, for a tour of private wineries and their wine making processes.

Artisan Excursion offers enriched wine tasting tours in the Santa Ynez and Solvang. Each of our guided group tours packages is in fact a complete red-carpet service for our guests, consisting of picnic lunches, transportation and private vineyard tours for solo travelers, couples, friends and families.

Sounds like the makings of a getaway you’d love? Contact us today to book a wine tour!

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