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Summer In Solvang? 5 Fun Things To Do In Solvang This Summer

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Summer In Solvang

The Santa Ynez Valley is a year-round vacation spot that attracts tourists from all over the world. The beautiful landscape of the area revels in and displays the beauty of each season uniquely. But it’s the summer season in the area that wins the hearts of tourists, compelling them to come back every year.

This valley is as close to an idyllic heaven on earth as can be, and offers many small-town charms, a rich Danish history, and breathtaking vineyards! The summer skies are clear and bright, with evenings that are free from the day’s heat. This makes the weather perfect for some summertime exploration around town, as well as for outdoor entertainment.

Here’s all the Solvang fun that’s awaiting your presence this summer.

1. Sample Some Wines

If you’re in a place that has acres of vineyards spread across the land, there’s no reason for not sampling some local wines. There are wine tasting rooms all across town and various famous wineries are known to participate in them.

Visit them to sample some wines while you’re in town!

2. Paint in the Vineyards

The Santa Ynez Valley houses world-renowned vineyards. These vast areas are speckled with greens and grapes, and are a treat for the eyes (and obviously, the mouth). There’s nothing better than spilling your creative juices on a canvas and letting your whims take the lead while a luxurious drink teases your palate.

3. Theatre Time

The Solvang Festival Theatre is a great way for art lovers to amuse their fancy with music and acting. Produced by the Pacific Conservatory Theatre, the theatrical performances feature special summer musicals like Beauty and the Beast, Newsies the Musical, and Sunday Jazz & Beyond Series every year. Let your boredom take a backseat as you enjoy theatre and make a toast to all that Solvang has to offer.

bike riding

4. Bike Riding on Solvang trails

Don’t shy away from the summer sun and let your inner child come out. Hop onto a bike and explore the sensational stretches of green lands in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Solvang has many bicycle trails that allow you to ride through the small towns and experience the lush green fields in the backcountry.

If you’re amused by the colors and scenes that nature has to offer, there’s no bringing you back once you get a feel of the breeze and the summer sun against your face.

5. Danish History

Solvang owes its historic appeal to its founders; Danish educators passing by the area in 1911 who settled on the land. The history and foods that this town has to offer are unparalleled by even the chef’s specials on an urban five-star hotel’s menu.

Don’t miss checking out major landmarks like the Little Mermaid Fountain on Alisal road, and the humungous red clog outside Solvang Shoe Store.

The town also offers summer concerts and weekly soirees that entertain tourists with live music that’s hard to find anywhere else.

grape wineries

Add another to your summer fun list in Solvang and book our wine excursion packages to make your visit even more fulfilling!

We offer wine tasting tours to vacationers in Solvang. If you’re planning on exploring the Solvang wineries, let us do the honors and take you out for the most memorable wine-tasting tour. Get in touch to book your slot and date.

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