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The Age of Discovery: Exploring New World Wines!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Old World wines come out of traditional European wine growing regions, while New World wines

come from everywhere else!

That means that Old World wine is made in countries with hotter climates leading to bolder, fruitier flavors and fuller bodied wines. They also have a tendency to be higher in alcohol content. These New World wine-producing countries include: U.S.A, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa.

Taste Differences

There are some major differences in the way Old World and New World wines. These variations in Old World and New World tastes are due to the myriad of winemaking practices and local traditions of the land. The local climate also has a significant effect on the grapes.

  1. Old World wines taste lighter, have lesser alcohol, having higher acidity, and tasting less fruity

  2. New World wines on the other hand are known for tasting more ripe & fruity, having higher alcohol content and less acidity in comparison.

However these descriptions aren’t in any way set in stone. These wines run a whole gamut of tastes and palates and there are plenty of exceptions to the rule. Winemakers have control on how their wine will ultimately taste. And whether Old World, or New World, they can dictate the end result effectively. This holds especially true for New World wines, where a lot of liberties are taken and the wine making processes are tweaked in accordance to the maker’s preference.

New World Wine Buying Guide

These New World wines are also a lot more affordable. The average prices are $20 per bottle. This means a wealth of interesting choices in wine for the true connoisseur who’s on a budget.

Most of the new world regions are situated south of the equator. This means that their harvesting seasons are the exact opposite of what North Americans may be used to. Harvest usually happens in spring.

Are You Ready To Take A More Fruity Direction With Your Wine?

As mentioned earlier, New World wine is more fruit-forward in flavor. Also, you will find that it has slight mineral nuances. And together, both these factors make for fine wines.

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