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All About The Grape Stomp This Year

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Are you ready for the largest footie wine harvest street festival this year?

If you’re in Solvang close to mid October this year, there’s no way you can miss out on this fantastic fun-filled event. Bring your stomping skills to use and discover your inner Ricky Ricardo! Hosted in Santa Ynez Valley in downtown Solvang, this festival features a mass stomping of grapes and tasting of some of the best vintage wine labels.


With many best local wineries from Solvang taking part in this festival, visitors have the chance to experience adventure and enrich their palate like never before!

Mark The Dates

The Solvang Stomp made its debut in 2018 and turned out to be a sensational success. The grape stomp will be held on October 19 from 2 till 5pm. This event marks the celebration of the annual wine harvest where participants engage in a traditional stomping of the grapes with their friends and families. Not just that, this street festival has some of the finest local treats and (of course) a range of heavenly drinks to complement the food. There’s no end to fun, food and wine at an event like the Solvang Grape Stomp Harvest. Many wineries also partake in the harvest celebration and enrich the experience for visitors even more.


Drink Pink

Last year’s stomp festival set a standard so high that locals and tourists are even more excited for the event this time around. They’re looking forward to experiencing some of the highlights that they only heard about from last year’s gala. This includes the I Love Rosé Lounge which was sponsored by the Chumash Casino Resort. This was an enthralling opportunity for wine lovers to fill their hearts up with rosé wine and enjoy drinks from the best wineries to their fullest.

Hit The Dance Floor

If you can’t resist pairing a glass of fine wine with moves that make the crowd go crazy, the dance floor this year will be waiting for you. You’ll get a chance to sway to local melodies by Americana folk bands as well as western rockers. Last year Bryan Titus Trio and The Raw hides rocked the party with music that kept people on their toes till the end of the event. So put on your dancing shoes and await some of the most popular music bands this October!

Also don’t forget the Lucy & Ricky Ricardo Look-a-Like Contest which will be the highlight of the show this year, as always!

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