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The Taste of Success: The Best Wines to Serve At Corporate Events

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

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Corporate events are an important part of your business’ calendar. Such events are effective tools to bring together business partners, clients, and employees. Employees work hard to earn the perks of attending such events and these events are a way to reassure clients that they made the right choice. As much as this event is about networking and drawing in attention to the establishment, it is also about the social aspect of this event.

It takes months to plan out a good corporate event. Everything from the venue to the décor, food, and wine must be carefully considered. You want your business to be promoted in the best way possible.

The wine you choose for such events can really impact the mood of the evening. When choosing your selection of wines to serve, always consider the crowd. The wines you choose must be rich and should be able to complement the food.

Here’s a list of wines that work perfectly for corporate events:

Cape Mentelle Cabernet Sauvignon

Made in the rich vineries of Western Australia, this wine is truly an icon. Known for its mature, dense, and complex flavor, this wine is an explosion of flavor for your palate. It complements roasted meat really well. So if you’re incorporating roasted red meats in your entrée or main, make sure this wine is being

poured! It ages well too, so it will keep for at least a decade. Sounds like a worthwhile investment, right?

red wine


Shiraz is one of those timeless wines. It’s a red wine with a personality. Its complex yet delicate flavor cannot be compared to any other. Serve this ruby wine with some seared steaks.


Chardonnay is such a classic wine for fancy dinners. Made from a green grape, this French white wine is the most popular out there. All wine regions in the world tend to grow these grapes. If you’ve had Chardonnay, you’d describe it as a rich wine with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel. This wine does well with white meat. Poultry and seafood are safe options with this wine. However, you need to make sure that the food it is served with is not too strong. A spicy main course won’t complement the chardonnay well.


This wine is known to be refreshing! Did you know that it originated in Germany? Today it’s one of the most sought after wines, making it a treat for your corporate event. Known for its intense aroma and acidic taste, this wine will surely leave your taste buds tingling!

The sweet and acidic tones of this wine make it perfect for spicy food. You can play around with strong Indian and Asian spices to pair with the Riesling. Spiced duck leg is traditionally known to be served with this wine.

Wine tastings are a great way to get familiar with the best local wines. Solvang has the best vineries to offer. Wine tasting trips in Solvang are a popular recreational activity here. Call 805-734-7565 for more information or book a tour today with Solvang Wine Tours.

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