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3 Ways To Prepare For A Wine Tour

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Wine tours are exciting! You get to taste delicious wines, enjoy beautiful vineyards and wineries, and relieve your stress with fresh air, a change of scenery and a thrilling experience. Sounds like the perfect weekend getaway idea, doesn’t it?

If you’re planning to go on a wine tour and would love some pointers on how to prepare for it, you’ve come to the right place. Even though the prep can be a bit tricky, especially if this is your first tour, these pointers will help you make sense of the situation better. Here is everything you need to know in order to prepare for the perfect wine tour.

Keep The Time Of The Day In Mind

First things first, make sure you pick the earliest slot available. During busy seasons, wine tasting rooms can fill up really quickly taking away a chunk of the experience. The more packed it is, the harder it will be for you to find a good spot, and the staff at the venue won’t be able to give you undivided attention.

This is also why it is important for you to reach the winery on time. Try to prepare ahead, go to sleep early the previous night, get your clothes ready at night and preplan your breakfast so you have plenty of time in the morning to reach the venue.

LimitThe Tour To 3–4 Wineries In A Day

Try not to rush and get everything in one go. Wine tastings are supposed to be relaxing, and calm. To make the most of your experience, try keeping the number of wineries you visit in a day from three to four only.

This will allow you to take your time and enjoy your experience to the fullest. Anything more and you’ll feel like you’re rushing the entire time.

Live The Experience To The Fullest

This goes without saying but, remember to make the most of your experience and enjoy it the fullest. Most tour companies like Artisan Excursion Wine Tours even offer 5-course lunches and dinners prepared by local executive chefs to enhance the experience.

Book everything that you feel might enhance your experience and falls within your budget so that you don’t regret it later.

If you’re looking to book a wine brewery tour Solvang CA, feel free to connect with Artisan Excursion Wine Tours in Solvang to learn about some of California’s finest Solvang wineries.

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