The Forbidden Apple: Why We Love Fruit Forward Wines

April 13, 2017


Summer is here; why not try some exquisite red wine with a blend of tannin and refreshing fruity sweetness to it?

Fruit forward wines offer primary fruit flavors, as you taste the fruit right at the start. It’s this fruit taste that continues to drive the overall taste of the wine.  You will be able to taste the red cherry, vanilla, strawberry or grapes in these medium-bodied wines, making these easy-drinking wines a great addition to your day parties and entertaining.


A New-World Love Affair with Fruit


Some people think that fruit-forward wines lack the nuances and complexities of quality wine. However, for many others, it’s the simple, effortless, easy-drinking nature of these that’s most appealing. After all, there is nothing more appealing than a chilled and delicious fruit-driven wine on a warm summer’s afternoon.

These are considered New World because fruit-forward wines were initially produced in Australia, U.S.A, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand. However, the boundaries are fading away fast, as many Old World wines are also being produced in a method that’s used for making these fruit forward wines.


Fruit Forward Wines: Our Recommendations!


Now that we have established the significance of these wines and why every situation demands a complex palette, let us further explore the best options available.


· High Elevation Merlot


With moderate alcohol levels and oak aging of up to 24 months, this rich and full bodied wine brings forth the intense flavor of smaller grapes from higher elevation vineyards.  The intensely colored wine is fairly low in tannins offering a clean, crisp fruity taste.


· The Cabernet Sauvignon


The ultimate in luxury, the Cabernet Sauvignon has nuanced fruity flavors that can be very refreshing. The beautiful flavors are perfect for making any meal special. Expect dark fruity flavors including currant, blackberry and plum.


A Quick Look at How These Are Made