Mon Sherry: Dessert Wines and Divine Pairings

April 19, 2017


What’s better than dessert?

Here at Artisan Excursions, the answer is pretty straightforward: dessert paired with the right wine!

Nothing soothes the mind and placates the appetite like a spoonful of delightful dessert. And with a cordial glass in the other hand, it’s possible to make dinner even more enjoyable.

Here are some of our favorite combinations of wines and desserts, done right!


Pecan Pie Paired With Pedro Ximenez Sherry


Pecan pie is one of the sweetest desserts ever. But that flavor is garnered from the piles of brown sugar, molasses and dark honey that go into it. This makes for an exquisite combination with a strong yet succulent Pedro Ximenez Sherry that is also on the sweeter side but with a smokiness that helps it stand apart. The sherry somewhat resembles whisky in the way it hits the palate. This makes for a very corpulent combination, like a very luxurious party in your mouth!


Pumpkin Pie with Late-Harvest Sicilian Syrah


Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving, or it’s a just-because Pumpkin Pie—why not make the occasion better with some sweet Syrah?

The Sicilian classic goes well with savory American desserts but is particularly complementary to the earthy notes of pumpkin. The two come together to create a very comforting palate with a grounded, almost soothing effect.