Dog-Friendly Wine Tasting Rooms in Santa Ynez

July 19, 2017

No trip is ever fun without your friends tagging along, making you smile and laugh with their silly antics and crazy ideas.


But when it comes to loyalty, few can compare to Man’s best friend: cuddly canines and their undying devotion to their owners.


So, of course, when you plan to travel to an exotic new location, it probably doesn’t occur to you to check if they “accept” dogs. You live, eat and go shopping with your pet—as far as you’re concerned, they’re family!


Unfortunately, not making sure if a restaurant, ranch or resort allows pets can put a damper on your fun—and in some cases, compel you to settle for a less than ideal alternative that’s pet-friendly.


Paws and Reflect


The last place you’d probably take your dog to is an authentic upscale winery.


A symbol of sophistication and class, wine estates aren’t exactly known for their animal-hospitality.


This can be incredibly frustrating for wine enthusiasts with pet dogs, who enjoy traveling to wine regions, but regret leaving their precious pups in the hands of a friend or dog-sitter.


Well, lucky for you, Artisan Excursion is a big animal-lover at heart, which is why we we make sure to include dog-friendly wineries in our wine tours, so you don’t have to explore Santa Barbara Wine County without your furry companion!


In the spotlight today, we have:


Carivintas Winery


Nestled in the heart of Solvang, this dog-friendly wine tasting room has a laid-back vibe that definitely doesn’t compromise on the quality of its wine.


Bring your pup and kids (in no particular order, ahem), and let ‘em kick back and enjoy their dog beds, water and treats for pooches, and coloring books, puzzles, Wi-Fi and TV for kiddos!


Perfect for an unpretentious, feel-good wine tasting experience.