Enotourism Ensemble: 5 Tips On How To Dress In Wine Country

December 15, 2017


The dry, varietal-scented land around you, sun shining over your head, and a glass of Pinot in your hand—that is every day vacation life in bustling regions of the wine country.

Cool or hot, dry or humid, nothing holds back wine lovers around the world, novices or connoisseurs, from visiting the famed wine-producing regions any time of the year. A recent study shows that the U.S., with over 4,600 wineries in total, easily makes it to the leading wine producers in the world.

Now that you know where to go for vacations, question is, how do you pack for it? Your apparel is one of the factors that dictates how comfortable you feel during your travel, and thus, how enjoyable it is.   

Dress Like You’re Ready For Wine

It’s all well and good to slip on your new holiday heels, summer sandals or flip flops, but you’re forgetting something very important: wine tours consist primarily of walking around. And trust us you do not want to end up with smarting feet and an itchy outfit in post wine-sampling haze.

Your vacation is too short to wear the wrong clothes. Let’s see if we can be your fashion and wine savants, and get you ready for your tour!

Focus On Your Feet

First off, know that only a few of your wine tastings will have seating arrangements, the rest are conducted standing up. You will be spending a better part of your time tour on your feet, which is why you need feel-good footwear at all times.