7 Mistakes You’ll Make On A First-Time Wine Tour

December 22, 2017


Are you going to explore the world of fine wines and explore vineyards for the first time? You could not have chosen a better way to spend your vacation!

However, like any great traveler, it is your job to do your homework, and know what to do and what to avoid. Let’s get started by looking at some of the common mistakes first-time wine tourists end up making…and how you can avoid them.

1. You Ask For “Only The Best Wine”

It’s one thing to sample a particular variety of wine, but to ask for the “good” or “best” stuff is a tad obnoxious. It implies that you believe the rest of the winery’s blends are not good enough before you even have the chance to sample them.

If you are actually purchasing the wine, you can ask the owners to bring out the bottles not normally served to wine tasting guests. Otherwise, be open to trying new samples; you never know, that particular kind of Cabernet may turn out be your next favorite thing!

2. You Refuse A Sample

More on the matter of sampling wines: try not to turn down something you don’t normally like. The Californian wines, such as those produced in Santa Ynez, are often quite varied in depth and flavor, and are different from your local wine store’s blends. Don’t miss out the unconventional flavors. Be open to suggestions and samples, since a wine tasting is about trying wines.

3. You Spit Out All The Wine

Spitting out wine, or discarding it, is a conventional part of wine tastings. However, wine is meant to be both tasted and enjoyed, so how are you doing the latter if you are not consuming any of the stuff you taste?

Take a small sip, take your time to swivel it around your mouth to get to know the flavors better, and swallow it. You can discard the rest if you want, but consume some, if not all, of the wines you sample.

4. You Never Spit Out Wine

When you are visiting 2-3 wineries on your tour— in which each winery has a tasting menu of 4-5 wines— you will have a lot of samples to try. It won’t be long before you feel too light-headed to enjoy the entire tour if you don’t discard enough wine on your first stop.

Furthermore, if you are worried about seeming rude or unsophisticated by spitting the wine, don’t. The winery’s owner/staff are not offended by this practice, as it is a norm in wine tastings. In fact, this is why the