Wine Lovers in Love: Why Consider a Wine Tour for Your Honeymoon?

March 21, 2018

The wedding bells are ringing, and all the preparations are in motion. It’s always a happy occasion to see two people find each other, and make the big decision to spend the rest of their lives together. Once the wedding prep is in full swing, it’s a flurry of activity, deciding on every aspect of the big day, down to the table centerpieces and the flowers.



It’s natural to want every detail of the special day to be perfect, but after all that hustle bustle, a break is well-deserved. The honeymoon is the perfect time for the happy couple to bask in the aftermath of their nuptials, and spend some alone time together, reserving a time and a place to just unwind together.


Making the Destination Decision

With the honeymoon, making a decision on where to go is always a matter of preference. Some like to go the classic, yet expensive route, with Europe calling out to them. Who doesn’t want to spend their honeymoon in Paris, the city of love? Others may opt for more adventurous, less traditional destinations, either choosing to stick close to home or venture to less popular tourist destinations.


If the couple in question is comprised of wine lovers, then the idea of spending the honeymoon in a popular wine region is one to be considered! Santa Ynez Valley in California is one such option, and has not just fine wine to offer, but beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and plenty of activities to indulge in. With so many wineries to uncover, a wine tasting tour is a top choice!