Wine Tasting Etiquette – The Dos and Don’ts

June 1, 2018

Going on a wine-tasting tour gives you an opportunity to figure out what you like and what you don’t like when it comes to wine. It’s the perfect way to experience a large selection and variety of wines without having to waste money on purchasing bottles of wine which you don’t like.

Before you head out on your wine-tasting tour, here is some wine-tasting etiquette you need to keep in mind.


The Dos

Do know the format

Not all wine-tasting events are the same. Some are very formal where you will be guided by the winemakers themselves, while others may be more informal – the wine could be set around the room and you could be asked to go around and taste the ones that interest you.

For each wine-tasting event, it’s best to find out the format in advance.

Do take notes

Remember the purpose of wine-tasting is to explore various wines and determine what kind of wine you like. You’re going to be tasting around 4-20 wines during your wine-tasting, there’s no way you’re going to remember it all, which is why you should take notes.

Do explore

Don’t just sip on wine types that you’re familiar with. This is your chance to try wines from different countries and regions. Make the most of this opportunity and sip on as many wines as you can.

If you don’t like it, simply use a spittoon.


The Don’ts

Don’t just gulp it down

Don’t be surprised if the winemaker looks disappointed when they see you knocking down glasses of wine. Wine-tasting involves 4 basic steps: looking, swirling, smelling and sipping. You can’t really appreciate wine by just gulping down glassfuls.

Don’t hold the bowl of the glass