Here’s what to expect from a Winery Tour in California

June 20, 2018


France and Italy may be known for their wineries and vineyards but Wine Country in California is just as beautiful, and much more affordable than flying to Europe.


In the last 30 years or so Wine Country in California has seen tremendous growth. Before 1975, Napa and Sonoma Counties had just 25 wineries but today they are home to over 400 wineries! This exponential growth came from the influx of tourists from local and international communities. Today, California’s Wine Country is flourishing and hosts winery tours for people from all over the country and abroad.


Thinking of going for a wine tour in California? Here’s what to expect.


Take in the captivating view

A wine tour is your chance to get a look at what goes on behind-the-scenes in a winery and all the processes involved in turning grapes into wine.


There isn’t a set standard as to what you will see at a winery. Some winemakers are more than happy to just share their wine while engaging in polite conversation with their visitors and telling them about how the wines were prepared; others begin the tours in the vineyards.


There’s something about being in a vineyard, completely immersed in nature and surrounded why vast spaces of luscious greenery that takes your breath away and revitalizes the soul.


Learn about harvesting grapes

City folk don’t really get the chance to pick fruits from trees and bushes but when in a vineyard, they’ll learn all about the harvesting and picking grapes from vines. It’s a refreshing change from your daily routine and you learn something new at the same time!