How To Go On A Wine Tasting Tour With Kids

August 20, 2018

Wine-lovers feel pressured to give up wine-tours when they have young kids but parents that are reluctant to give up a hobby they love so much, have found a way to make it work! These fun parents have figured out how to indulge in wine-tours and take their kids with them.

Check out these awesome tips for going wine-touring with kids:



Choose your wineries in advance

Wine-touring with kids requires a little more effort from your side. It’s not as simple as choosing a winery that makes good wines; it’s about selecting a winery that can keep your kids entertained while you sip on wines.

How can wineries keep kids entertained? Wineries usually won’t have a designated area for kids but many do have wide open spaces where your kids can play. Do your research and call up wineries to ask how kid-friendly they are.

In case the winery doesn’t have an open space, make sure that there are many tables in the tasting room where your kids can sit and entertain themselves with a coloring book, iPad, etc.


Pair wine-tasting with other outdoor activities


Wineries and vineyards are usually located on the countryside with lush green open spaces and beautiful hills and mountains in the backdrop.

The countryside is home to gorgeous landscapes, ancient architecture, historic landmarks and other tourist destinations.

Your kids may roll their eyes when you tell them you’re going wine-tasting but they’ll love the idea of riding bikes in the outdoors, exploring old villages and doing other kids-centric activities. When going wine-tasting with kids, it helps to find other activities to do on the trip that your kids enjoy.


Look for kid-friendly tasting experiences


There’s so much more to wine-tasting than simply trying out wines. Wine-tasting is an experience which involves beings in the outdoors, admiring the beauty of the landscape and enjoying a moment of serenity. To help you get the most out of your wine-tasting experience, some wineries offer picnics and other kid-friendly activities.

There are wineries that even serve non-alcoholic drinks such as root-beer, sparkling cider, etc.