Grape Expectations – Here’s Why We Love Fruit-Forward Wines

August 31, 2018

One of the major differences between Old World and New World wines is that New World wines are generally more fruit-forward. If you’ve been in wine-tasting rooms before, you’ve probably come across the term “fruit-forward”. It’s a style term that is used to describe wines in which the prime flavors are that of fruit.



New World Wines & their Fruity Flavors


Fruit-forward wines are most prominent amongst New World wines. The wine grapes used in New World wines are riper than those of the Old World wines due the warmer climates of those regions. Wine that is made of ripe grapes tends to be more acidic. To balance the acidity and the strong taste of alcohol, New World wineries blend in fruity-flavors.



Tasting Fruit-Forward Wines

You’ll taste the fruitiness of the wine on the front of the palate where the flavor is emphasized. The fruity-taste is drives the taste of the wine.

In Old-World wines, the wine-making process used to make the wine gives it its taste. In fruit-forward wines, the taste is achieved using the very ripe grapes – the hero of the wine, is the grape.



Basically, fruit-forward wines emphasize tastes and aromas like raspberry and cherry instead of the earthy aromas (such as mushroom, leather & other herbs) w