The Grape Depression: Avoiding a Hangover After Wine Tasting

December 6, 2018

Waking up with a throbbing pain in the head and eyes squinting to ward of piercing shards of light are not signs of an ideal Good Morning!



While you might have woken up to a hangover a night after gulping down shots of vodka at a party or trying to gulp down sorrows with glass after glass of drink, having one after a wine-tasting occasion is not an anomaly either.


Even though there is nothing fine about having a hangover, indulging in the finer pleasures of life can sometimes cost you more than just time and dime!


Wine-tasting is probably the only way connoisseurs allow themselves to sinfully immerse in the beauty of an alcoholic escape.


Since wine-tasting depends on sipping a lot of different kinds of wines in the same day at the same time, the chances of losing your sobriety to the effect of alcohol are not thin. In fact it is a challenge to keep the lightheaded sensations at bay, that only the most skillful are able to master.


Here are a few tips that will not let a hangover stop you from giving wine tasting a shot.


A Meal a Day Keeps the Hangover Away


It is crucial to eat sufficiently well before going for wine tasting. The chances of feeling tipsy and eventually drunk are much higher when you go for wine tasting on an empty stomach.

Alcohol has a greater absorption rate if you were already starving before the tasting. With food in your body, you give your liver more time to absorb alcohol, thus the effect kicks in later.


Keep Filling Up Your Water Tank


A major side-effect of hangovers is headaches which result from lack of water content in your system.

Alcohol restrains Vasopressin: a hormone that maintains water levels in our body and constricts blood vessels.



Because alcohol causes dehydration, our water intake is not absorbed by the body and is instead relegated to excretionary channels instead.


This is what causes you to wake up with a parched throat after an exhaustive wine-tasting experience. In order to minimize the risks, keep drinking water alongside every wine sample.


Tailor Your Sleep-Wake Cycle


No matter how tired you are after a