Food and Wine Matches Made In Heaven

April 30, 2019

Wonder why some pairs look so perfect? Because they’re matches made in heaven. Food and wine is another such heavenly match which never fails to amuse your palate. Here are a few cardinal rules about pairing foods with types of wines.




Pinot Noir with Earthy Flavors

If you have something made with mushrooms or truffles on your plate, pour a Pinot Noir in your glass to make and excellent combination. Red wines like this compliment the earthy flavor of such foods. Since the main course is rich and heavy, it’s better if the drink is light and savory like Pinot Noir.


Chardonnay With Seafood and Sauce

If you’re having white meat in the form of seafood, you need something white to complement it. The silky white flavor of a Chardonnay will go well with salmon and seafood cooked in rich sauce. Be it from California, Chile or Australia, Chardonnays are the perfect match for fish.


Champagne With Salty Meals

The dry sparkling champagne or Spanish cava comes with a mild tinge of sweetness. When served with salty main courses, the champagne brings out the richness of flavor in the meal itself. Foods like crispy noodles or a spicy chef’s special taste more refreshing on the palate when had with a sparkling champagne.


Cabernet Sauvignon With Juicy Meats

Are you a fan of juicy tenderloin beef steaks? Nothing beats a steak seasoned with the right salts and cooked to perfection. Pair it with a California Cabernet or Bordeaux blends and enjoy how the flavors appear new to taste each time after a sip.


Sauvignon Blanc With Tarts and Sauces

Are you yearning for tangy treats like onion salads and scallops with grapefruit? Make a combination of that with Sauvignon Blanc or Verdejo from Spain and it’ll become irresistible. And don’t worry; the tangy flavor won’t overpower the taste of wine. In fact, they’ll blend together to form the best combination of food and drink.