Beat the Heat with 4 Lighter Wine Varieties

July 17, 2019


Imagine—a mighty bonfire, a hearty meal, a gathering of your favorite people and a glass of red wine. Well, that sounds like a real treat, doesn’t it? Some people think a red wine is meant for winters, but let us tell you that there are many red wine varieties that can totally beat the heat.


These varieties are supposed to be lighter but we’re not too concerned. After all, it’s wine; every sip is bound to have some punch! The term ‘lighter’ here describes the texture of the drink and not the flavor.


An ideal summer wine shouldn’t feel too heavy in the mouth—it should have a refreshing yet exciting taste that can beat the heat and feel exciting! Here are 4 summer-friendly varieties of wine you must try this year:



Grilled fish, roasted shrimps and pink wine—sounds just perfect, doesn’t it? The pink wine has been taking over the summer season; especially with the seafood. Rosé is now available with drier textures and a hint of complexity. A chilled glass of Rosé is also an absolute treat in the summers!


Sparkling Shiraz

While the Sparkling Shiraz is known for being a classic Australian Christmas drink, it would be unfair to limit this divine wine to a single festival. Give this red a shot beyond the festivities and enjoy the chilled drink anytime the summer heat seems to be getting to you. Wine experts state that Sparkling Shiraz is moderated by the temperature at which it’s served and the bubbles in it.



The blazing sun in this hot weather demands that we drink something light and refreshing to keep our energy levels up.

Well, a Grenache is just the kind of wine you’re looking for. It’s beautifully light with a surprising amount of flavor that would be a total pleasure for your taste buds. Pair the delightful drink with seafood or some veggies and enjoy the incredible combination!