The Perfect Pour For Your Wedding: Tips on How to Choose Wine for the Big Day

August 22, 2019


Your wedding night is the biggest night of your life. Finding your soul mate—the one person in this world who you’d like to spend your life with—is simply magical.


This is why the celebration for this beautiful union should be nothing less than perfect, including the wine you choose to serve on this joyous occasion!


After all, it’s going to be the talk of the evening—besides what people have to say about the couple, of course!


The good news is that we know all about wines and can help you choose the perfect pour! So let’s get right into what factors you need to consider when picking your wine:


Don’t Think Too Much About the Season

There’s a common misconception that red wines are synonymous with winter whereas white wines scream summer or spring. Our experts, however, would beg to differ. They believe that the season and time of the year don’t matter as long the wine goes with the overall menu.


People want to have the wine they want, when they want it. That’s why rosé has been trending all year long! It’s the perfect in-between of red and white wine—the very trait that people enjoy most!