Wine Culture: How It Differs Around the Globe!

August 30, 2019


Over the years, wine has greatly evolved and become an integral part of life for many around the world. Not

only are many varieties of wine seen as important sources of nutrition, the drink has also become a cultural component and is widely consumed at different social gatherings around the world.


The ultimate wine fanatic would agree that it is not just a mere drink, but an experience on its own. It unites people and is given as a token of love and affection on special occasions. You don’t just swallow it, you enjoy every drop of it.


So how does wine culture differ around the globe? Below we will discuss:



Europeans absolutely love their glass of wine. In France for instance, it is almost customary to enjoy your dinner with a glass of red wine or to pair wine up with cheese. The French are very serious when it comes to their wine culture, and see it as a way of life. White wine is also popular there, and is consumed alongside white meat.


Spain is another European nation that loves its red wine and Spaniards enjoy it like no other. Austrians on the other hand, prefer varieties of white instead of red wine.



America has rapidly grown to be one of the highest wine drinking nations in the world today. The country consists of over 7700 wineries and the concept of wining and dining has become a common phenomenon.

Alongside the classic red wine, Americans prefer different varieties of white wine, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and pinot grigio. Whether it’s for music festivals, date nights, special occasions or anything else, wine is a staple in the diet of many Americans today and is consumed in generous amounts.