Alcohol is Good for the Soul!

February 17, 2020

Have you ever had one of those excruciatingly sorrowful times in your life when everything seemed dull and depressing? You know, times when you’re going through a breakup and end up losing your job as well? Or when you receive ten rejections from all the ten colleges that you applied to. That’s the thing with bad times—they always come in batches.


Different people have different ways of coping with times like these. Some would hit the gym and aggressively work out, trying to get the sad out of their system like they get the fat out. Others would go on a meditation mission, trying to import calmness from their inner souls.

But for most people out there, salvation lies in alcohol. And for good reason too.


It Acts like an Act Breaker

Sipping wine is like drinking fluid courage. You find that you’re more in the mood to hang out and you’re more in the mood to mingle with people. If you’ve had a breakup and feel sour about it, a glass of wine will prompt you to initiate a conversation with someone—and you won’t feel so lonely again.


It Makes You Feel Better