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3 Wines to Welcome 2021 spring

Now that winter is on its way out, it’s time to put away your jackets, boots, and give the much-awaited spring, a warm, fruitful welcome. Although the holiday season was all about eating, drinking and being merry, you can most definitely enjoy a glass of fine wine on a warm spring day! If you’re a wine lover, it’s time to trade in those full-bodied reds for some zesty whites and light rosés. We’ve listed down some of the top wines to drink this spring season:

1. Rosé Wine

If there’s one wine that literally screams SPRING, its rosé wine! A classic warm-weather drink, its got characteristics of white and red wines, making it an extremely versatile choice. Most people love the gorgeous light pink color of the rosé wine that’s so relaxing to look at! You’ll discover the crispness of white wine that blends in perfectly with the fruitiness of a rich red. You can enjoy rosé with a colorful garden salad, grilled protein or even a cheese board! Don’t forget; it tastes best when served cold.

2. Prosecco

Looking to add a little sparkle to your spring nights? Prosecco is the way to go! It’s often considered a festive treat, but for many, this is a timeless classic that can be enjoyed all year round. Prosecco wines are commonly made in a dry, brut style. But the fruitiness of the grapes, apples, pears, and honeysuckles, add to its overall sweetness. You’ll find various flavors of spring flowers that make it perfect for the season.

Call in your friends and enjoy this bubbly delight with some crackers or other appetizers, it’s a real mood booster!

3. Syrah

Although many people keep the reds for the winter season, you can continue drinking these rich drinks during spring as well. Syrah is one such treat that can be enjoyed during all seasons. Even during the warmer months, its taste and aroma still pack a punch. This drink is a combination of berries and plums and has not floral notes wrapped with a little spice. Perfect for your poolside barbeques, or family lunches!

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