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A Girls Day Out—3 Reasons To Go On A Wine Tasting Tour With Your Bridesmaids

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Marrying the love of your life is a magical experience. And although the weeks leading up to your wedding can be stressful and challenging, it’s also the perfect time to see who’s really by your side through it all.

Every bride has an iron-clad support system they find in their bridesmaids. A group filled with close ones who are as important as family. They work day and night to give you the perfect bridal shower and wedding, so if you want to show them how grateful you are, an all-inclusive wine tasting tour is a perfect idea!

Here's why.


Every bridesmaid expects a thank you present from their bride bestie, and it’s usually jewelry or matching robes. While thoughtful, they’re also clichéd. So why not shake things up a little and give them something they would've never imagined?

A wine tasting tour is definitely a non-conventional present that all your bridesmaids would love. You don’t have to worry about getting their sizes and giving away the surprise by asking non-inconspicuous questions!

Great Bonding Experience

Reasons To Go On A Wine Tasting Tour With Your Bridesmaids

Most wine tours offer tasting and dinner. You can tour the vineyards in the first half of the day, which will make for a great discussion topic at the dinner table.

Chatting away in a vine field with your best friends is a memory that all of you will preserve for life, and it would only strengthen your relationship! You can look back at these memories years from now and smile.

Make New Friends

Wine tours are usually a group experience, giving you the chance to connect with other wine connoisseurs and newbies alike.

You and your friends can mingle with new people and share delicious wine and food together. Who knows, you might end up inviting them to your big day!

If all of this sounds exciting and you’re just aching to surprise your bridesmaids with the perfect wine tasting tour, we recommend Artisan Excursion! Uncover the beauty of wineries across Solvang, CA, with your best friends and enjoy a delicious dinner in The Vine. Contact them today to book your wine tasting tours Solvang!

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