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A Look In The Life Of A Wine Connoisseur

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Ever wondered what it means to be a wine connoisseur? Take it from someone who identifies themselves with this label—we are very complex, yet very easy to understand.

In the simplest, wine-infused words, we are passionate about wine.

They call this blend “poetry in a bottle”, and we wholeheartedly agree.

Tell us you do not feel as if that blend seems to burst out in a couplet or two when it touches the base of an elegant long-stemmed glass—we dare you.

Wax-poetics aside—we have a love affair with wine. If you believe that our fascination with wine is all about what and how much wine we own, then zoom out and shift your perspective of who a wine connoisseur actually is.

Let’s Talk Wines

Tasting and collecting wines can be our favorite amusement, yes. But how many bottles, how big they are, the humongous pronouncements—those are primary traits of a wine snob.

We connoisseurs love the excitement of the unknown, the new, and the old. Vintage or new, red or white, dry or sweet—as long as it is wine, we would to love to get to know it better.

Information matters—all information; we what to know the frequently asked details of how old the wine is, and some more inquisitive question, such as what soil composition gave root to the fruits infused in it. If the world is our canvas, wine talk is our art.

If you know about wine, and are as passionate about as we are, you are probably our new favorite person. And if you are a wine retailer, then we have likely marked you as a friend for life.

Where people around us enthuse over the fashion trends, politics, business and other aspects of the trade world, we seek out wine closures.

Mundane as it may sound, this information is fascinating to us; understanding the nuances of the wine trade gives as much pleasure to a wine connoisseurs as a stock upheaval would to a wall streeter.

Here are a few other things we wine connoisseurs find ourselves doing:

  1. “Somm” speak becomes second nature. Shades of wine are shades of life.

  2. While most people match a wine to the dinner, we operate the other way round.

  3. Judging a restaurant involves a complete analysis of their wine list.

  4. And sometimes, we pour other drinks into a wine glass. Water, fruit juice—it does not matter. What can we say, it’s exciting!

All in all, that is us. We assess, we scrutinize, we adore, and we drink.

We are wine connoisseurs.

Artisan Excursion’s wine tours are just what wine novices and connoisseurs look for. With a plethora of information under our grasp about the finest wineries and vineyards in Santa Ynez, Solvang and other south Californian regions, we offer a thrilling wine tour you won’t forget!

Call us at 805.734.7565 to plan an exciting wine-tasting escapade!

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