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Basic Wine Storage Tips You Need To Know

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

If you’re a wine aficionado, there’s probably one question that you’ll always find asking yourself, “Where will I store all these bottles?” Being in the wine-manufacturing industry for several years, we believe that wine storage is more about science than organization. Here are some tips you need to know:

1. Wine Needs To Be Stored At A Certain Temperature

One of the most important factors to consider when storing your wine is the temperature of the space. Wine is a living thing, and it continues to change over time. Keeping it in extremely cold or warm temperature will do nothing except spoil a bottle of fine delicacy. The ideal wine storing temperature is between 12ºC- 14 ºC all year round. However, keep in mind that this temperature can depend on the quality and type of wine. We recommend contacting the manufacturer of the wine for the temperature specifications for the best results.

Any place that is below -4ºC or over 20°C is not suitable for wine storage. These temperatures speed up its aging and fermentation process. Also, avoid fluctuating temperatures as this can compromise the seal of the bottle. Hot air can cause the cork to expand and push out, leading to oxidation of the wine.

2. Make The Bottles Lay Horizontally

You must have noticed that all wine sellers have this perfectly beautiful arrangement of their bottles, which are stacked horizontally. This is not just for aesthetic purposes, but there’s a great deal of science behind this as well. Storing your bottles on their side will ensure that the wine constantly touches the cork, which prevents it from drying. If the cork dries out, this can lead to unwanted seepage and even premature aging. If your bottles have plastic or glass corks, or screw caps, this step is not mandatory, but it does provide easy access and is space-efficient.

Basic Wine Storage Tips You Need To Know

3. Keep The Bottles In A light-controlled Environment

If your bottles are exposed to sunlight, then be prepared to notice a change in flavor. How? Well, sunlight causes the amino acids in your wine to oxidize, which changes the flavor and taste. It’s essential to move all sorts of light, whether it’s sunlight or even your home fixtures. The place should be dry and dark, as white wine comes in transparent bottles, making them most susceptible to light damage.

4. Ensure The Humidity is Under Control

If you’re storing wine for the long term, you need to ensure that the humidity level is constant and between 50-75%. This will ensure that your corks don’t dry over time and prevent oxidation.

5. Don’t Store Closed Bottles In The Fridge.

Only if your bottle is open or if you’re want to store it for a short term is the fridge an okay-option. The compressor in your refrigerator can cause vibrations that ruin the integrity of your wine.

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