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The Best Wines For Your Thanks giving Gathering

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Best Wines For Your Thanks giving Gathering

From California’s Petaluma Gap to Italy’s northern alpine region, we have a world of wines to consider as pairings for Thanks giving’s traditional fare. Lighter, fruity reds are easy on the roasted bird while juicy, aromatic whites play well with sides such as sweet potatoes and stuffing. Here’s a list to get you started: This is a great substitute for your chardonnay-loving guests. It offers rich tropical fruit notes they love in chardonnay but with a distinct fresh, zippy edge that just makes your mouth water. Made by a small producer in California’s From a cooler climate parcel in Santa Ynez Valley, keeping those fussy pinot noir grapes cool enough to yield delicate cherry and raspberry notes in this wine. The bead is pearly and refined, the color is the faintest hue of salmon. Flavors blossom with wild strawberry, orange peel and a marvelous chalky-savory finish. Just a gorgeous and delicious sparkling wine from Santa Ynez Valley.


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