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Chic Cellar: Storing Your Wine in Style

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

If you’re a natural at hosting parties, you probably have different wines stored away somewhere. It’s time to get them out!


Be loud and proud about the wines you’ve collected from the many wine tours you’ve had the pleasure of visiting. We’ve got some unique ways you can turn your wine collection into a piece of art to display in your living area.

A chic tray on a mirrored surface

If your home is all about light colors coupled with some warmth, this is the display for you! Choose one of your furniture pieces you want to show off your wine collection on, a light-colored material would be preferable.

mirrored surface

Get a sheet of mirror to cover the surface of your table of choice and place acrylic trays on them. Start moving your wines onto these trays and for added flare, you could keep a bowl of lemons and limes or a few stalks of flowers nearby.

A Bar Cart

A rustic study table can be used to this one. A darker wood will have a better impact, place stools at either ends for a “bar” look.

On top of this table you could have a large tray lined with all your liquor. Some glasses on the right, an ice bucket with tongs on the left. Throw in a lamp to give a more vintage vibe. Maybe some succulents to lighten up the mood.

Open kitchen shelves


In the modern era of interior design, open spaces and open storage units are highly demanded. Your kitchen probably has such open shelves for spices and mugs, etc. Transfer your liquor out here. You could also dedicate one unit to your crystal wine glasses with intricate designs. This is probably the easiest but impactful way to store all those wines. Be careful to keep them out of direct sunlight though!

A Sewing Machine Cabinet

If you have an old sewing table around that hasn’t been in use for years now, you have the perfect opportunity to create a stunning cabinet for your wines. The small cabinet on the side can hold quite a few booze bottles while keeping your pretty bottles on display. Maybe some lighting at the back of the cabinet to add to the aesthetics?

A mini book case

A cheap bookcase would do for this DIY. You could line the back of the shelves with some unique paper, maybe some wood marks or a design of some sort. You could have wines on the bottom shelf with some succulents. Some sodas and flavors on the second last and some fruit, a variety of glasses on the top most shelf and other liquors on the top of the mini bookshelf.

book case

If you’re still on the way to create a wine collection for yourself, why not try some Solvang wine tasting deals? It’s the best way to try out new wines without taking the plunge. You can then go on to buy all or some of the wines you tasted at the Solvang wineries.

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