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Copy of 3 Romantic Things to Do In Solvang

Known for its beautiful Danish-style architecture and many wineries, Solvang is the perfect place to plan a romantic getaway with your loved one. From enjoying the local eateries, shopping, and of course, tasting tons of winethere's so much to do! If you're going to California, here are some adorable and fun date ideas to enjoy in Solvang:

1. Explore the Village

Who said walking hand-in-hand went out of style? On the streets of Solvang, love is always in the air. The half-timbered buildings, wood-shingled roofs, Danish shops, and windmills will give you all the European vibes. Take a long morning stroll with your loved one exploring the village and trying some of the traditional pastries for breakfast. Some of the most popular stops are Aebleskiver Café, Birkholm's Bakery & Cafe, Danish Mill Bakery and Mortensen's Bakery. From flaky Danish pastries to Aebleskivers and Risalamande, you'll find them all here!

2. Learn More About Art

If you and your partner are into art, then the Wildling Museum of Art & Nature is a must-visit. You'll learn a lot about Solvang's natural heritage. With stunning paintings, intricate sculptures, and beautiful photography, this museum will teach you all about the local wildlife, the sky, and landscapes. The Solvang Heritage Audio Tour is also an excellent experience covering tons of sites such as the Little Mermaid statue, the First Folk School, and so much more.

3. Wine Tasting Tour

A trip to Solvang is incomplete without a wine tasting tour. You can spend the day exploring different wineries around the area. Taste all kinds of local wine and learn more about how they're prepared. You can even end the day with a romantic dinner in a private vineyard. Put on slow music, and indulge in an exquisite five-course meal coupled with some fine wine.

To make it even more special, you can even arrange for the place to be decorated with flowers and candles. Enjoy the ambiance, food, drinks and each other's company—it sounds like the perfect date!

Wine Tasting in Solvang

If you're planning a trip to Solvang, then book a wine tasting tour in Solvang with Artisan Excursion. We offer one of the best wine tasting tours Solvang in the area and will ensure that you and your loved one will have an unforgettable experience here. Whether you want to book a private dinner in the vine or explore the entire area, we'll guarantee to make the day super special. We follow all COVID SOPs for maximum safety.

Book online today and discover the best wine tours in the country. Our expert guides will take you on a journey through the world of wine, sharing their knowledge and passion along the way. With our carefully crafted itineraries, you'll be able to explore the most beautiful and iconic vineyards, and taste the most delicious wines.

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