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4 Creative Ways To Display Your Wine Collection

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Creative Ways To Display Your Wine Collection

One of the serious equations wine collectors often come face to face with solving is this: to organize and display their prized blends in a way that is both storage-efficient and stylish. Often you have too many bottles divided between a shelf in your storage and one in your kitchen cabinet. All that while you add more wines in your collection, which means that you spend more time worrying about storing them and less time studying them.

It’s time to organize. Here are a few simple yet creative ideas to keep your beloved wines in their perfect place.

Dining Room Décor

What better way to store your wines than to display it where you host your friends and family dinner parties? A dining room wine storage not only saves space, but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your dining area. Invest a bar-like furnishing, or simply line your wines on wooden shelves or racks.

Custom Built-In Spaces

Customized built-ins are an immense help to homeowners who are burdened under the chaos of less storage space. A built-in structure for your wine collection can be customized any way you like, enabling you to make economic use of present spaces.

You can incorporate stylish light features and glass covers for your built-in wine storage to add an extra oomph.

Under The Stairwell

Most two-story homes come equipped with stairwell storage, where the owners usually stuff in unneeded belongings. Bring in your logic, as you convert that musty old space into a charming wine storage. It’s best to hire home improvement services for this job; they can help you create an innovatively-shaped storage space for your wines without compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Wine Tasting Room

If you have larger wine collection and own a storage room—or basically any extra room—convert it into a tasting room.

Work on the space to incorporate a rustic style of central Californian winery tasting rooms, or go contemporary with an elegant hotel tasting-room-like style. You can also use an empty usable basement for this purpose.

Need more ideas to collect, store, taste, and tour around for wine?

The wine experts at Artisan Excursion will be happy to escort you to the finest wineries and vineyards on a customized wine tasting tour to the Santa Ynez Valley.

Reach out to us today to book a memorable wine tour.

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