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Mass Hysteria During COVID-19: Does Wine Help with Anxiety?

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

COVID-19 has been a tense time for everyone around the world. Even if you haven't been affected directly by the outbreak, it can be quite overwhelming. Just reading the news and hearing about all those affected by the disease can take a toll on mental health. A relatively new disease and pandemic can cause a sense of fear and anxiety among people.

Experts recommend that stressful situations be dealt with in a healthy way, which allows us and the others around us to be strong as well. People indulge in various sorts of coping mechanisms and strategies to maintain the Zen around them. One of the most popular and classy options is the consumption of wine.

Wine can help you unwind and stay calm and relaxed. And what better time to seek peace than now?

The Science Behind It All

Resveratrol is a compound found in grapes' skin and a core ingredient in the making of wine. It influences the enzyme in the brain that is responsible for generating stress. It also activates PARP-1, a stress-reducing protein that helps to repair damaged cells and genes in the brain. The idea that alcohol helps relieve stress is more fact than fiction.

Wine as A Sedative

For centuries, alcohol, in general, has been used for relaxation and enjoyment. It has a stress response dampening effect, which allows the drinker to feel less tension. Alcohol slows down the cognitive process and is known to "calm the nerves down," which can effectively help someone have a good time. If you're feeling anxious and need to unwind, consider reaching out for a glass of wine.

Making the most out of wine

Wine is commonly used in many dishes as a core ingredient. It brings a distinct flavor and aroma to many cuisines and is an essential part of one's pantry. You can also have drink wine while you have other dishes, which only adds to the experience. Eating food is known to relieve stress, and having some alcohol alongside can make things so much better.

Does Wine Help with Anxiety

If you have any other activities that you partake in to unwind and destress, such as yoga, consider having wine along with it to enhance the relaxing effect.

Wine Tours

Going on a wine tour is relatively safe during the pandemic, considering all the SOPs that wineries and vineyards are following. Not only is it a relaxing event with lots of sightseeing and some socially distant socializing, you get to relax to some premium wine.

Looking to get well-acquainted with some new wine? Consider going on a wine tour. Contact us at Artisan Excursion. We provide budget-friendly wine tasting deals in Solvang, CA, that will surely culture your palette and introduce you to some new tastes.

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