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Famed for Its Agave Spirits, Guanajuato Is Poised to Become Mexico’s Next Wine Destination

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Known primarily for its agriculture and the picturesque, expat-filled city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico’s Guanajuato region is becoming one of the country’s most sought-after wine destinations. With just about 40 wineries, the region is already impacting and challenging the country’s relationship with wine.

Famed for Its Agave Spirits

Wine in Mexico has largely been reserved to the Coahuila and Valle de Guadalupe regions further north, which house storied brands like Casa M

adero and L.A. Cetto. Yet, it hasn’t necessarily seen a large market inside or outside the country. Guanajuato, in particular, has received greater distinction for its agave distillates like tequila, featuring an entire Tequila Route and home to the renowned Casa Dragones distillery.

Guanajuato has always had an agricultural legacy, spanning beautiful ranchos and haciendas that p

roduce corn, strawberries, and more. “There are a lot of people there that come from several generations of farming, which gives one patience. Wine is patience,” says Alberto Moyeda Carabaza, Mexican wine connoisseur and owner of Terruño, a wine bar in Mexico City. However, Mexico currently only produces about 30 percent of the wine it consumes, and it doesn’t yet have lobbying power as a consumer product. “They are mainly family projects, personal investments, or real estate projects,” says Moyeda Carabaza. “What’s happening in Guanajuato is that people invest their own land and property to make wine, because they like it.”

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