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Family-Friendly Wineries to Visit this Year

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

When you think of wineries, you’re not likely to associate them with the term “family-friendly.” However, just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your trip to Santa Ynez Valley and get the true wine tasting experience!

The valley, a part of Santa Barbara wine country, is a fairly short drive away from Los Angeles, and has plenty of options to offer for families. You wouldn’t expect it, but you can take a family trip down to Santa Ynez Valley and still make the most of the experience by choosing the right kind of wineries to visit.

Santa Ynez

Your top choices for family-friendly wineries in Santa Ynez Valley are the Bridlewood Winery, and Sunstone Winery. Both offer enough room for kids to freely move around, with Sunstone providing assigned areas for kids to play, and Bridlewood home to sprawling grounds. They offer the perfect option for a wine tasting as well as a picnic with the kids!


Solvang has plenty of family-friendly wineries to offer as well, with Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards Tasting Room and Lucky Dogg Winery offering kid-specific entertainment items such as toys, chalkboard, books, etc.

Shoestring Winery also offers considerable running room for children to occupy themselves with, as does Buttonwood Farm & Winery, which has a garden located alongside the wine tasting room.

Los Olivos

In Los Olivos, you’ll find that the charming town has a number of wineries where you can bask in the exquisite tastes of fine wine while not having to worry about handling your bored little ones. Some top choices include Zinke Winery, Firestone Winery, Daniel Gehrs Wines, and Artiste Winery. A lot of space to explore, and kid-friendly activities included!

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