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The Heights of Fine! Famous Names in Artistic History Who Were Wine-Lovers

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

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All artists, writers, singers, and painters, need the inspiration to get their creative juices flowing. And for a long time, creativity and alcohol have been closely associated. That might also explain why many artists and painters were known to have a deep appreciation for fine wine and alcohol. An HBR research that studied the link between alcohol consumption and creativity found that alcohol does indeed help people think outside the box.

Some of the finest artists and painters of all times were inspired by their booze. Here are a few of them:

Vincent Van Gogh

The great Vincent Van Gogh, or more commonly known as Van Gogh, gave life to historic paintings like the Starry Night. The famous artist also became widely known for his most peculiar act of cutting his own ear. Van Gogh was known in the 19th century for pouring one glass of absinthe after another. It’s believed that the absinthe helped Van Gogh find inspiration for his exceptionally crafted work.

Jackson Pollock

One of the biggest names in the world of abstract art, Jackson Pollock was known for his iconic drip painting style. Pollock was a mysterious individual otherwise, but there was one thing about him that most people knew—he was a man who loved his wine. It’s believed that his unconventional childhood and his glass of wine were the two things that drove most of his genius inspiration.

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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is a name that only a few don’t recognize. Known for his prolific abilities, Picasso also used alcohol to inspire creativity. He also earned a reputation for loving absinthe, among other alcohols. The great Picasso had an unmatched dedication for what he loved, and was widely respected for that. In his last words, he told people to drink to him and his health because he couldn’t drink anymore—such was his fondness for alcohol.

Mark Rothko

Rothko was known for his soft color block work in the modern abstract category. And although the fascination for absinthe had pretty much died out in those postwar times, alcohol was still very much trending. Mark Rothko was an artist of the mid-twentieth century who loved to drink and rumor has it that he found much of his inspiration from his booze.

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