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Four Sommelier-Approved Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wines for Your Tasting

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Four Sommelier-Approved Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wines for Your Tasting

One of the most important aspects of a sommelier’s job is leading wine tastings. More than just opening bottles and describing flavor profiles and pairings, leading a tasting is about facilitating an experience that gets attendees excited about the artistry behind the wine they’re drinking. I host dozens of tastings a year for industry professionals, friends, and even celebrities. In every tasting I host, my goal is to make the experience interesting, educational, and approachable based on the knowledge of the guests.

Read on for my top four tips on selecting the right wines for your event to ensure a successful tasting that gets people talking.

When you’re assembling bottles for a tasting, especially one designed to highlight wines from a specific region, it’s easy to find yourself gravitating toward the classics. Who doesn’t love a Riesling from Germany or a Bordeaux red? Planning a tasting is a lot like picking a set list for a concert. People will always want to hear (or taste) the hits, but it’s the surprising cover or exciting encore that’s often the talk of the evening on the way home.

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