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How To Fake It Through A Wine Tasting – Tips For The Amateur

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

You go to a wine tasting and it’s like walking into a pop quiz where everyone knows what to do—but you.

People standing around you with their eyes shut, glasses in hand, and mouths puckered as they “savor” the “amalgamation of flavor and aroma” of their wines.

wine glass

Let’s face it; we’ve all been there, dazed and confused, wondering: “What ARE these people even saying?”

To help you out, we bring etiquettes of wine tasting, so you move through wine tasting trips in Solvang with ease and comfort. Even if on the inside you think “I still have no idea what I’m doing.”

1) Appreciate your vintage

You know how people stand around, swirling and lightly sniffing their wines? It’s because this helps them figure out the flavors in their wines.

The scent and the texture of the wine is an indicator of the sensations it will induce. This really helps you appreciate the elements in the wine that make it enjoyable.

The next time you go to a wine tasting, try this out; hold up your glass in the light and see the difference

in colors of the wines you try and see if you can figure out how some wines smell different than others, to understand the subtleties.

2) Understand the uniqueness of each brew

There are plenty of reasons why there is conversation on wine to the point of academic level expertise. Each wine has a different taste owing to the grapes used to make them and the conditions each were treated through to make it.


So before you head out to your next tasting, read up on how things from geography and the temperatures used in brewing the wine affect its taste.

For example; new world wines are often more fruity and sweet as compared to old world wines because the warmer temperatures in the new world give out riper grapes than the old world.

3) Remember to enjoy yourself

In the beginning, going to wine tastings feels like being pushed off a pier at high tide and the feeling of confusion often makes people obsessive about being suave.

At the end of the day, we’re all there to enjoy ourselves and to discover something new that appeals to us. So when you go out to wine tasting trips in Solvang, remember you’re there to enjoy yourself and that there is no harm in silently listening and learning about the world of wine.

enjoying wine

If you find that you’re still confused or have gotten the hang of wine tastings, book a tour with Artisan Excursions at 805-734-7565.

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