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Is Your Choice of Wine Like Mine? What Your Wine Choice Says About Your Personality

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Wine Tasting

If you enjoy classic movies, sway to tunes from the ‘60s, adore vintage clothing, and have a particular preference in wine, it’s probably safe to say that a lot of people have pointed out that your personality is very retro glam.

What you like says a lot about you. This applies to your choice of wine as well. In vino veritas (in wine lies truth); it reveals the deepest secrets of your personality! So if you want to uncover the many layers that hide an individual’s true nature, you’ll first have to first find out their choice of wine.

Every glass of wine embodies many flavorful quirks and eccentricities. The reason you’re so passionate about your choice of label is that it’s, by proxy, an extension of you!

Here’s what each kind of wine says about your personality.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This red pairs as perfectly with a juicy beef steak as you do with a man who exudes a masculine aura! Bold about your choices in food and wine, you prefer to call the shots and expect respect and acknowledgment in return.

But you also want to be with someone who is equally sure of himself. For women who love the combination of a Cabernet Sauvignon with a cut of beef tenderloin, a man with an equally strong taste in his choice of wine and women is very desirable.

red wine tasting

White Zinfandel

If you can handle a drink with high alcohol content, you’re probably an adventurist who likes to do things on a whim and gets a kick out of daunting experiences. Be it bungee jumping from thousands of feet above ground or diving in the middle of the ocean, you fly by the seat of your pants.

Pinot Noir

Elegance and grace define you; you stand tall in a crowd with an aura of regality. Only a wine glass that’s filled with the most revered grape nectar in the world will satiate you.

But your exquisite taste in red wine labels doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate the tastes and smells of nature and the countryside; in fact, this is where you get your love for a pure red like Pinot Noir.

You socialize amicably with like-minded individuals, but are always a challenging conquest for those who underestimate your wit and grace.

grape wine tasting

Even the smallest of gestures that are borne out of sincerity may win your heart. You hate ostensible displays; rings studded with big stones, boasting about wealth, etc. are huge turn-offs for you.

In short, you prefer simplicity over extravagance but make no compromise when it comes to the quality of the company or wine you keep.


The party doesn’t start till I walk in!

You’re the person Kesha’ ‘Tik Tok’ talked about! Throwing inhibition to the wind, you’re free-spirited, dancing on tables or rocking to karaoke like it’s no one’s business.

You have lemonade ready to sip even before life throws lemons at you. In fact, you give a toast to ‘Living In the Moment’ even during trying times.

As expected, you love exploring new places, even if that means catching the next flight with little to no preparation! All in all, you ingest all the bittersweet flavors life has to offer and enjoy them to the fullest.

Want to experience a range of good wines and find out which reflects your personality best?

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