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Let’s Get Fizzical! A List Of Our Favorite Cocktail Recipes

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Cocktails are the perfect drinks for when you want to let your hair down, relax and indulge a little! There’s nothing better than a good drink after a long stressful work week. Surely a glass of wine is good to take the edge off every night, but the weekend deserves something special. Cocktails take a little more prep but they taste oh so good too!


What if you put the two together, wines and cocktails?

Here are some delectable cocktails made with wine:

White Zinfandel Sangria Lemonade

Technically this one isn’t even a cocktail! Sangria and lemonade are the perfect way into fooling your body that it’s summer. If you’re done with the cold dreary weather outside, let the sun shine through with this cocktail. Pour in some white Zinfandel with this concoction and be amazed!

Raspberry Lime White Wine Slushies

Once again this one’s for those who want to experience summer no matter what the temperature is. This frozen refreshment uses any white wine of your choice. Make sure you freeze the raspberries solid before making the slushies.


Blackberry lavender champagne cocktail

This drink is as stunning as it sounds! This cocktail is perfect for entertaining as it will be a hit at your party. The homemade blackberry lavender syrup gives it its charm and vibrant hue. Make the syrup ahead of time and mix together just before your guests arrive. Garnish with a sprig of lavender and top with a pretty straw.

Sauvignon Blanc Paloma Blanca

A classic Paloma is made with a tequila base, but have you tried the Sauvignon Blanc Paloma Blanca? Let’s call it the cool cousin. Sauvignon Blanc adds a flavor profile to this cocktail you never knew you needed. Finely slice some limes into the drink and don’t forget to rim the glass with salt.


You’ve probably never thought of mixing wine with soda. The Kamlimotxo does just that! The unique flavor the cola brings out of the wine is something you need to sip to realize. These drinks originated from the north of Spain. This practice began as a way to make cheap wines taste better. Cabernet and Pinot Noir pair perfectly with a cola.


Mulled wine

Even though the festive season is behind us, doesn’t mean it’s the end of winter. Indulge in a cup of mulled wine to warm up. Sip this delicately made drink in front of a lit fireplace, listening to relaxing music.

The perfect wines to use as a base for this drink are Merlot and Californian Zinfandel. Wine connoisseurs suggest using a slow cooker to create the perfect mulled wine.

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