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4 Best Wines to Share with Your Loved Ones on Christmas

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Christmas trees and holly make everyone so jolly, and love just fills the air! From carol singing, barbeques around the fireplace, and tons of dinnersthere’s tons of preparation to do. Amid all this hustle and bustle, don’t forget the most important feature of your Christmas dinner tablethe wine, of course! Here are some of the best wines that you can share with your loved ones on Christmas.

1. Merlot

Christmas is the most wine-derful time of the year, and if you want to enjoy your Christmas feast like a king, then a glass of Merlot will be a good companion. Deemed as the most popular red-wine in America, this drink is ripe, elegant, and soft.

Merlot is an easy-drinking red that pairs well with food and can be had on its own as well. If there’s red meat on the menu, like pork belly, then a Merlot will pair well with all the rich flavors. However, keep in mind that white meat can get a little overpowering.

2. Prosecco

The holiday season is all about spreading love, cheer, and positivity around. This is why you’ll need a bubbly, sparkly drink to enhance all these feelings. A Prosecco will be your Christmas dinner table best friend. It has a light, airy and fruity style, making it smooth to drink and pair well with a heavy Christmas meal. If there’s seafood, or spicy Asian cuisine on the menu, everybody will love a Prosecco.

 Best Wines to Share with Your Loved Ones on Christmas

3. Chardonnay

Now that we selected a red, a sparkling white, you’ll need another classier white to wrap everything together. Chardonnay is a great option to serve with white meats such as turkey or chicken. Its light, fruit, and ripe. You’ll find a range of flavors from pineapple, lemon, papaya, and apple.

This drink also pairs with Christmas desserts like rice pudding and fruit cobblers by elevating vanilla notes.

4. Port

For a sweet ending and a dessert companion, port wine is your go-to! It has a rich, sweet, warm style that complements chocolate and goes well with baked Alaska, English truffle, and even Christmas pudding!

If the meal was too heavy, and you’re looking for a light dessert, your guest will surely enjoy a glass of port wine on its own as well. This is usually consumed in small quantities due to its sweet taste, so you won’t have to stock up or worry about running out of wine.

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