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5 Perfect Food and Wine Pairing

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Wine may be delicious to have on its own, but it tastes even better when paired with your favorite food. Whether it’s a grand dinner party you’re planning or a romantic night for two, you’ll need the perfect wine to serve your food with.

Wine is incredibly dynamic in nature and it’s important to know which type goes best with different kinds of foods. The last thing you want is to have a disaster of flavors rushing in your mouth and confusing your taste buds.

 Perfect Food and Wine Pairing

Here are some perfect food and wine pairing options:

1. Pinot Noir and Grilled Salmon

Pinot Noir tastes great with grilled salmon and offers the perfect balance of taste as both are subtle in nature and light on the stomach. You may also pair Pinot Noir up with other foods consisting of earthy flavors.

These include any foods that include ingredients like mushrooms or truffles.

2. Champagne and salty foods

One of the easiest and most delicious combinations, you can never possibly go wrong with pairing champagne up with salty foods.

One of the reasons behind this is that salt helps to balance out highly acidic wine, and pairing salty food items up with dry champagnes can give you the perfect blend of tastes. This is also an ideal food and wine pairing to serve at social gatherings.

At your next gathering, consider serving your champagne with thick-cut potato chips, popcorns, or salted nuts.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon and steak

Often referred to as the king of red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon is the best wine you can have with your steak dishes.

Beef steak, for instance, has an extremely rich flavor and requires a full-bodied wine to go with it. Cabernet Sauvignon comprises of robust fruit tastes and strong flavors that match well with any kind of steak.

4. Chardonnay and dessert

Your dessert is incomplete without the perfect dessert wine, and what beats an oaky, fruit-flavored chardonnay?

Some dessert options you can pair with Chardonnay include, but are not limited to, orange soufflé, rice pudding, cupcakes, tiramisu, and more!

Bon appétit.

5. White wine and cheese

Eat like the French and pair your white wine with cheese. It tastes best with cheeses of thicker varieties.

However, don’t shy away from trying different kinds of cheese and enjoy this wine with several other cheese varieties, including goat cheese, mozzarella cheese, sheep cheese, and so on.

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