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4 Red Wines That Are Perfect For The Transition from Fall to Winters

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

4 Red Wines That Are Perfect For The Transition from Fall to Winters

Though many types of wine are ideal for consumption all year round, there’s something undeniably special about those seasonal varieties. One of the best ways to experience the changing seasons is to top up your wine game. Not only does wine put you in the perfect daze, it’s also the perfect drink to have as you marvel at the trees and the orange leaves from your window this fall and welcome winters with open arms.

Red wine is the drink of choice for countless around the world, and there are some special varieties you can enjoy as fall ends.

Here are our top picks for some red wines that are perfect for the transition into winters:

1. Cabernet Franc

There’s nothing quite like opening a bottle of Cabernet Franc on an autumn day. The peppery and fruity splash of flavors of this exquisite wine are unmatchable. Not to mention, it’s the perfect drink to pair all your comfort foods up with too.

Moreover, it’s also relatively affordable to purchase and won’t have you break your bank!

2. Gamay

Not only is this kind of red wine extremely versatile, one can enjoy it in many varieties. It’s fruity, yet light nature makes it the ideal drink to enjoy on a chilly autumn evening.

Consider enjoying this red wine variety with your cheese plates, salads, or even steak!

3. Pinot Noir

This crisp variety has become the most romanticized red wine globally. Pinot Noir grapes are not easy to grow, and this makes it one of the rarest of red wines in the market.

It’s the best drink to serve at any occasion this fall season, and it’s even more delicious when enjoyed with your favorite chocolate or truffles. However, keep in mind that the ideal serving temperature range for Pinot Noir lies somewhere between 55–65 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Merlot

Available in a number of price ranges, this popular red wine is well-known for its soft texture and flexible nature. One can enjoy it with almost any kind of food, including hot and cold meats, salads, and desserts.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Merlot tastes best when stored in cooler environments as its flavors may get muddled under hotter temperatures.


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