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7 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Wine

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

There's nothing better than sitting back and watching your favorite series while sipping a glass of wine. While wine may be a popular drink enjoyed by both men and women, we’re sure you don’t many interesting facts about this beverage. Here are some surprising facts about wine you probably didn't know about.

1. All Wines Aren't Vegan

All wines are naturally vegetarian or vegan, but producers tend to use non-vegan agents like casein, albumin, isinglass, and gelatin to stabilize the wine. Although they get processed out, some traces might remain. However, there are plenty of eco-friendly wine options in which activated charcoal is used as a fining agent.

2. Wine Fear

While many may resort to wine as an evening pick-me-up, some fear wine. This is called oenophobia, derived from the Greek word oeno, which means wine, and phobia, which means fear.

3. Grape and Wines are a Match Made Above

If you're looking for a fruity snack to go with your wine, grapes are the perfect pick. Grapes contain the right balance of sugar, acids, tannins, and water to break down the alcohol and carbon dioxide content.

4. Women Are Better At Tasting Wine

Wine tasting isn't only about sipping the wine; it's all about welcoming the smell. Women are better than men at tasting wine as they have a heightened sense of smell, especially if they're in their reproductive ages.


5. Wine Doesn't Always Improve With Age

While other alcohols tend to mature with age, wine doesn't follow that rule. More than 90% of wines need to be consumed within one year of production. So if you have a bottle of wine lying around, be sure to keep an eye on the production date to enjoy it when it's in its best form.

6. Wine is Old

Did you know that the oldest bottle of wine dates back to 325 A.D.? You can find this bottle displayed in a museum in Germany.

7. Drinking For Health

You've probably heard some friends or family toasting to good health. This tradition started in Greece, where the host drank the first cup of wine to prove to his guest that the drink wasn't poison.

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