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The Best Time to go Wine-Touring in California

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

California’s Wine Country has much to offer visitors. Aside from tasting it’s exquisite wine, visitors can enjoy it’s Mediterranean weather and its lush green hills. It’s only around 2 hours away from San Francisco making its easily accessible and you can pick from an array of outdoor activities to do while you’re there. The only thing you’ll have to think about is when you want to go.

Here’s a quick guide to help you decide when the best time go wine-touring in California is.


Spring is when the tourist season begins in California. The pleasant mornings and the blossoming fresh vines attract tourists from all over the country and abroad. The hills are covered in wild flowers and even though the air is warm, it hasn’t reached the scorching temperatures of the hot summer.

If you’re looking to partake in outdoor activities such as hot-air ballooning and horseback riding, going wine-touring in the spring is perfect for you!



In the summer, both the heat and the green of the hills intensify. In the summer, wineries in California are filled with tourists seeking a warm getaway and celebrating 4th of July and other local festivals.



Fall is the time for harvest in California. Tourists visiting wineries and vineyards during this time of the year get to see the picking, processing and bottling of wines. The crowds are still large but not as big as they are in the summer. The leaves of the vineyards change into a bright yellow. The evenings are pleasant and warm.


In winter, Wine Country is pretty quiet. Because the vines go into hibernation, the vineyards are bare. Even in the winter, the temperatures in Wine Country do not get too low. Rainfall is normal in the winter but it never snows.

Around February, mustard flowers will begin to move but the hills aren’t nearly as bright as they are in the warmer temperatures.

So what it the best time to go to wine-touring in California? It all depends on what you hope to get out of it. If you’re looking for pleasant weather and to engage in outdoor activities, you should go in the spring. Those who’re interested in viticulture, fall is the best time for you. People who’re looking to taste wine and try local restaurants without the hordes of people, should go in the winter.

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