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The Fight Against Climate Change In The Vineyard Begins Beneath The Soil

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Fight Against Climate Change In The Vineyard Begins Beneath The Soil

It’s become clear that climate change will affect every aspect of Earth’s agriculture, but for grape growing its effects can be devastating and difficult to recover from. Every vintner I have spoken with, many of whom have been the subjects of interviews in this newsletter, are fearful of the consequences, though few have a grip on how quickly or how dire these effects will hit their terroir.

Sustainability has become a requisite in the vineyards, but because the soil itself is being altered by climate change, there is a new focus on that aspect of viticulture. As a Burgundian winemaker who welcomes more sunshine and heat to that region of France told me he has no idea how, if the soil temperature rises by just a single degree, it might kill off the bacteria that help make Burgundy’s Pinot Noir unique.

The battle is being waged now in the vineyards, so I interviewed CEO Marc Fleishhacker (below, right) and Marco Poggianella (below, left) of Resonant Technology, which is using new natural fertilizers that can work at much lower dosages than the same material. The objective of Resonant’s products is not to provide compounds directly to the plants, but to trigger a microbial response in the soil so that the plants can be more efficient at uptaking any source of nutrients, resulting in higher vigor but also in higher quality and quantity of production. Come join us on a tour and learn our agriculture of the solvang / Santa Ynez wine region, Artisan Excursion Wine Tours


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