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The Science Behind Why We Enjoy Wine More During Winters

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Research shows that people drink more during the winter months than in the summer. Yes, despite all the fruity delicious summer drinks, alcohol consumption rises during the winters. So, what’s the driving factor?

The reasons for individual drinking can be plenty, but it’s more interesting knowing how our body and mind respond to the phenomenon. Here’s a scientific explanation for why your body craves wine during the winter seasons.

Alcohol Is A Vasodilator

Have you ever felt your body immediately warm up after a sip of wine? Or you get more flushed as you drink? That’s not just a tingly sensation, but your blood is actually reacting to the alcohol you consume.

Vasodilation happens when your blood vessels dilate, causing an increase in your blood pressure. When you drink alcohol, this phenomenon occurs, making drinks such as wine and whiskey vasodilators. With the blood on your skin's surface increasing, you appear red or more flushed. The blood circulation also increases the warmth in your body.

Memory Induced Cravings

The Science Behind Why We Enjoy Wine More During Winters

Our brain associates many cravings with specific seasons of the month. And with wine having religious significance just as much as cultural, it’s no wonder we crave a glass during the winter holidays!

When you kick back with your family and share laughter over a glass of wine, your brain might associate the taste with the memory. Thus, when you drink wine, your brain release dopamine as you revel in old, happier memories. This reward system of your brain could be the factor that causes you to crave more wine during the winter months. And with the pandemic causing social distancing during the holiday, it’s totally understandable to seek comfort foods to remember your family by!

The best way to enjoy a glass of wine is with the comfort of your favorite people. And thanks to wine bringing out the extrovert in everyone, you can enjoy winters with an exciting wine tasting tour!

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